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Solutions with Life Settlements

Life Insurance Settlement
It was only recently that individuals could turn their life insurance into a readily available source of cash, allowing them additional alternatives and flexibility in managing their ever-changing financial, insurance and/or estate planning needs. RTG Consultants has the resources, solutions, knowledge and ability to enable you to more efficiently and effectively service your clients, as you explore with them the potential benefits that a life settlement may offer in helping them reach their personal and financial planning goals.

Solutions with Life Settlements
Life Settlements, also known as senior settlements, life insurance settlements, and viatical settlements allow a life insurance policy owner to sell an existing policy to a financial institution in exchange for an immediate lump sum cash settlement. The amount paid for the policy is a discounted percentage of the policy's net death benefit and represents the present day value of the policy. This purchase price is determined by considering the insured's estimated mortality (life expectancy) and the associated cost of premiums to keep the policy in force for that timeframe. With a solution such as a Life Settlement, you turn an otherwise untouchable asset into something liquid, something immediately useful.

RTG can provide the solution with a Life Settlement
RTG Consultants is a life settlement company specializing in life insurance settlements and redemption, senior financial settlements, as well as viatical settlements.

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