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RTG Consultants offers a vast amount of senior citizen asset maximization and income increasing tools. We firmly stand behind are products with full respect and confidence. Current products we are focusing on are Reverse Mortgage Loans and Life Insurance Settlements.

Reverse Mortgage
Reverse Mortgage 1

With reverse mortgages, there are no lengthy forms to fill out and no income, medical or credit criteria. Reverse mortgages are availble nationwide to seniors over the age of 62. Only requirement is that your home is occupied as your primary residence. Find out if you Qualify...

Life Settlement
Life Settlement 1

Maximize your policy into immediate income! Also known as a Senior Settlement, a Life Settlement is a cash payment to the owner of a life insurance policy in exchange for the assignment of the ownership of the policy. With a Life Settlement you turn an otherwise untouchable asset into something liquid, something immediately useful. Find out if you Qualify...

Life Insurance
Life Insurance 1

We specialize in all type of Term Insurance, including Return Of Premium Insurance, Term Conversion for Life Settlements, Low Cost Term Insurance, Mortgage Protection, Instant Term Insurance, and more. Customer service is our priority and there is never a charge for a quote or consultation. Call 1-888-973-8377 for your free consultation today!

Additional Services:

Other additional services we can assist with include premium financing, group life insurance, annuities, and other financial services. Please call 1-888-973-8377 to discuss.

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