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Great Articles for Senior Citizens

More seniors opting out of invasive tests Added 08-26-05
At a certain age, many question the value.

Medicare D Outlined to Seniors Added 08-26-05
Article about new Medicare D drug program.

Computer savvy elders lead healthy life Added 08-18-05
Senior citizen computer use can be beneficial.

Designer Hearing Aids Added 08-18-05
Call for 'designer' hearing aids.

Senior Medications Added 08-11-05
Other medication options for seniors.

Senior Citizen Safety Added 08-10-05
Senator introduces bill to help prevent seniors' falls.

Senior Exercise Motivation Added 08-10-05
Desire to exercise motivates seniors.

Senior Housing Added 08-01-05
Doors close for seniors seeking housing.

Rebate glitch leaves some Nevada seniors out Added 07-31-05
A glitch in Gov. Kenny Guinn's $300 million tax rebate means some Nevada seniors won't be getting any money back.

The Top 10 Home Improvements For Seniors Added 07-27-05
Brought to you by HUD.

Assisted Living Facilities - What Are They? Added 07-21-05
Assisted living facilities provide helpful services.

Who Wants to End Up in a Nursing Home? NO ONE! Added 07-20-05
Seniors don't have to share rooms in adult family homes..

Seniors Join The Online Search For Love Added 07-18-05
Singles in their 20s and 30s arenít the only ones clicking their way to companionship using online dating sites.

Seniors, watch for drug-benefit letter Added 07-18-05
Starting in November, all seniors will be invited to enroll in one of the new, privately-run drug coverage plans.

Seniors Miss Wal-Mart Bingo Added 07-14-05
Senior citizen group no longer allowed to play Bingo at Wal-Mart.

Humana introduces health plans for seniors Added 07-13-05
New Mexico senoirs can take advantage of the plan..

Boomers, Seniors Lead Rush to Weight-Loss Surgery Added 07-12-05
Weight loss surgery is on the rise, even in the senior citizen population.

Seniors alerted to danger of West Nile virus Added 06-22-05
Seniors warned of dangers of West Nile virus..

Medicare scam targets seniors Added 06-22-05
Senior nationwide need to be aware of medicare scams..

A safety program for seniors Added 06-22-05
Local fire prevention educators have plenty of advice - and free safety devices - to help save senior citizens in a fire or fall..

Thomasville recruiting Florida seniors Added 06-22-05
The city of Thomasville is aggressively trying to steal retirees from Florida..

Seniors get guidance on Medicare drug plan Added 06-22-05
The country's top health official made a sweep through several Florida cities this week to educate seniors and drum up support for the benefit.

Seniors: Just the facts, no spiel Added 06-22-05
Article with great information about the Federal drug plan for seniors nationwide.

Do homework on drug plans, seniors are told Added 06-22-05
Florida seniors need to do their homework on medication and prescription drug plans.

Latest tax-relief bill puts seniors at head of class Added 06-22-05
"This is a way of using the gaming money to achieve everyone's goal -- which is property-tax relief for those who need it most, which is seniors," said school..

Seniors act to ease disability decisions Added 06-22-05
Free help for seniors to fill out living wills and health-care power of attorney forms.

Erickson Seniors Achieve 95,477 Minutes of Exercise in One Day Added 05-25-05
The largest one day senior citizen exercise program ever, the residents of the eleven Erickson campuses for people age 62 or older achieved 95,477 minutes of exercise on one May day...

Senior Citizens Least Likely to Exercise; They Fear Injury Added 05-25-05
In a study of older adults, senior citizens 56 and older were the least likely to turn to physical exercise in their free time..

Beating Cancer Brings New Battles Added 05-19-05
Beating Cancer Brings New Battles, article from People Living with Cancer..

Seniors feel pinch, despite subsidies Added 05-18-05
Even newly enhanced benefits for Alberta seniors are leaving some behind..

New Technology Helps Seniors Remain in their Homes Safely Added 05-18-05
Leading safety advocate for seniors, founder of NeighborLink (tm) early alert systems, better smoke detectors, emergency medical alert systems to be featured..

CANADA: Is inflation higher for seniors? Added 05-18-05
The Consumer Price Index (CPI) tracked very closely the inflation experienced by seniors as a group between 1992 and 2004, according to a new study.

Jeff Brown | On Personal Finance Added 05-12-05
A wonderful and informative personal finance and investing article.

Nassau County: Lowest Prices On Drugs For Seniors Added 05-02-05
A new website for Nassau County resident to find the lowest prices on drugs.

Nationís Largest Pharmacy to Help Enroll Low-Income for New Prescription Drug Program Added 05-02-05
CVS Pharmacy to Help Enroll Low-Income for New Prescription Drug Program

Calcium not shown to help seniors ward off broken bones Added 04-28-05
Taking supplements of vitamin D and calcium to prevent broken bones, a popular practice among sufferers of osteoporosis, is ineffective, according to new research.

New Study Adds to Evidence that Exercise May Slow Alzheimerís and Dementia Added 04-28-05
The new research demonstrates that long-term physical activity enhances the learning ability of mice and decreases the level of plaque-forming beta-amyloid protein fragments - a hallmark characteristic of Alzheimer's disease (AD) - in their brains.

AARP Finds Seniors' Health Status 'Mixed' Added 04-26-05
Depression Improved, but Few Exercise, Group Finds

Seniors Relying More on Social Security Added 04-26-05
A report by AARP indicates seniors are relying more than ever on social security.

Are Seniors Healthier? Added 04-26-05
Older Americans have seen modest improvements in their quality of life over the past decade, but...

Strengthening Social Security for our Children and Grandchildren Added 04-20-05
Bush's ideas for a better Social Security for tommorrow, and he wants our help.

FDA pulls Levitra Ad Added 04-17-05
FDA Orders Levitra Ad Pulled; Seniors Should Read Objections.

Drug problems afflict seniors Added 04-08-05
Drug problems can afflict senior citizens nationwide.

Crawling Out of the Deep Hole of Cancer Depression Added 03-31-05
Article about cancer depression and treatments.

Heart Association Says Use Pain Killers With Fewest Risks Added 03-30-05
COX-2 and other pain killers may offer fewere risks, says Heart Association

Chronic Back Pain Solution Added 03-29-05
Seniors With Chronic Pain May Find Help in New Small SCS System

Florida seniors wrestle with care decisions Added 03-28-05
Residents in nation's retirement capital review end-of-life instructions in wake of Terry Schiavo case.

Deadline looms for seniors to get $600 drug credit Added 03-28-05
Few have enrolled so far, and low-income benefits will decrease as year goes on.

Seniors May Benefit From New Therapy To Aid Limited Vision Added 03-28-05
Article about how seniors eyesight may benefit from new therapy.

More firms hiring senoirs Added 03-28-05
More firms hiring seniors, some even offering snow-bird special positions.

Senior Citizens Should Be Kidney Transplant Donors Added 03-14-05
Researchers say senior should be kidney donors.

Sen. Hagel Introduces Bill To Extend Social Security Retirement to 68 Added 03-07-05
First Social Security Bill of this Congress also supports private investment accounts.

Ageism said to erode care given to elders Added 03-07-05
Great in depth article regarding senior citizens, aging, and elder care.

Long Term Care Added 03-02-05
Prepare for the unthinkable: long-term care

Bingo ban amended Added 02-28-05
Gambling ban amended for bingo players at senior citizen center.

Geriatric Care Manager Added 02-24-05
What is a Geriatric Geriatric Care Manager?

Prostate Cancer Added 02-18-05
Prostate Cancer: More Accurate Test, Longer Life Treatment Revealed in Two Studies

Seniors at increased risk for injuries Added 02-15-05
Article that warns that adults 65 and older are at increasing risk for injuries, especially from falling.

Giving flu vaccine to seniors may not save any lives Added 02-15-05
A new study based on more than three decades of U.S. data suggests that giving flu shots to the elderly has not saved any lives.

Arthritis Drug Seen to Cut Heart Risk Added 02-14-05
Arthritis drug Methotrexate may also reduce the risk of atherosclerosis and circulatory diseases affecting the heart and brain.

Senior Life Settlement Information Added 02-09-05
Life Settlement - Senior Settlment - Viatical Settlement - Common Questions

Advocates rally to preserve seniors' long-term care funds Added 02-09-05
Over 200 long term care providers and seniors rallied in Olympia, WA.

Canadian Pharmacy buying tips Added 02-09-05
Article for senior citizens discussing buying tips for Canadian pharmacies.

Long Term Care Insurance Added 02-09-05
Information On Long Term Care Insurance: Health Insurance, long term life insurance

What to do when mom's money runs out, Kiplinger's Added 02-08-05
Nursing-home costs can vaporize an elderly parent's life savings and many boomers are being caught off guard. Here are some resources to help.

Senior Travel Tips Added 02-01-05
Find senior travel tips for seniors, the elderly, older persons, and senior citizens. International travel resource.

Cardiac Rehab Added 01-30-05
Less Than 20 Percent Participating In Recommended Cardiac Rehab

Reduce Medication Errors Added 01-28-05
New Medicare E-Prescribing Process Will Improve Quality, Accuracy

Fruits and Veggies, Fitness and Fun Help Old Dogs Learn Added 01-26-05
Article and research from the Alzheimerís Association regarding fitness in aging beagles.

Midlife heart risk factors raise chances of late-life dementia Added 01-25-05
Individuals in their early 40s who smoke or have diabetes, high cholesterol or high blood pressure all have an increased risk of developing dementia as they age.

Senior Citizen Stressbusters Added 01-22-05
Learn stress relieving tips and ticks.

Medicare Drug Benefit 'inadequate' Added 01-21-05
Medicare Rights Center says Bush plan for Medicare Drug Benefit 'inadequate' for Senior Citizens

NAIC Committee Passes Senior Citizen Annuity Protection Rules Added 01-20-05
Senior citizens will now have formal protection procedures in place to stop abusive annuity sales practices by insurance producers.

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