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Qualifying for a Senior Life Settlement

Basic Qualifications for a Senior Life Insurance Settlement

Any senior who is over the age of 70
Life insurance policy must be more than two years old
Coverage amount exceeding $100,000.00

Each case is looked at differently, we will gladly assist you in finding the highest bidding institution. There is no fee or obligation to accept the Life Settlement offer. Please fill out our free quote form, and we will contact you shortly. We also can be reached immediately with any questions at 407.774.0112.

When you should consider a Senior Life Settlement

The insured is 70 years of age or older
A policy is lapsing or being surrendered
There is a need for new life insurance, annuities, or long term care
The insured has outlived the beneficiaries
There is no longer a need for the specific coverage
There is an estate tax change
A charitable organization that owns a donated policy cannot maintain premium payments.
There is a change in the health status of the insured.
There is a retiring key-man or a company / partnership selling
There is a liquidation of assets due to bankruptcy

If you have any more question please don't hesitate to contact us or view or Senior Life Settlement questions page.

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