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RTG Consultants has created a link directory for senior citizens. These links provide services, productions, and information resources. Please report all dead links to us.

Life Settlement

Life Settlements - LifeSettlementPro.com is a life insurance settlement and senior life settlement broker and provider.

Life Settlement - One of the largest and most comprehensive life settlement information sites.

Life Settlement Information - Life Settlement information and industry directory.

Life Settlement Coalition - A life settlement and viatical settlement information coalition.

Life Settlement Quotes - Get multiple life settlement quotes for your life insurance policy.

Life Settlement News - News and updates in the industry.

Life Settlement Magazine - An online Life Settlement Magazine.

Life Settlement Fraud - Fraud, scams, and other fradulant activities and companies.

Life Settlement License - Licensing and regulation news.

Life Settlement Business - All about the business.

Life Settlement Secrets - Secrets to increase your offers and results.

Life Settlement Marketing - All about marketing within Life Settlements.

Life Settlement Jobs - Jobs, careers, and employment in the industry.

Life Settlement Conference - Find Life Settlement Conference, Shows, and Events.

Life Settlement Funds - Overview of Life Settlement Funds.

Life Settlement Funder - How to utilize a Life Settlement Funder..

Life Settlement Articles - Articles and press releases.

Life Settlement Contracts - Sample contracts and information.

Life Settlement Tax - Tax and taxation answers and info.

Life Settlement Forum - The one and only LifeSettlementForum.com is coming...

Life Settlement Auctions - Can you auction off your policy?

Senior Settlement - Senior Settlement information.

Viatical Settlement Brokers - How to use a Viatical Settlement Broker.

Reverse Mortgage

Reverse Mortgage - A leading resource for Reverse Mortgages.

Reverse Mortgage Coupons - Reverse Mortgage Coupons including discounted closing costs, faster closing, Zero Upfront Appraisal fee, free scholarship bonus, and more.

Reverse Mortgage Pictures - A collection of Reverse Mortgage related pictures.

HUD - Home Equity Conversion Mortgage - Information about the HUD approved Home Equity Conversion Mortgage

Reverse Mortgage Lender - ReverseMortgageNation.com is a nationwide Reverse Mortgage Lender.

Alabama Reverse Mortgage - Alabama Reverse Mortgage information, help, and counseling.

Iowa Reverse Mortgage - Reverse Mortgages in the state of Iowa.

Reverse Mortgage Information - An updated daily reverse mortgage information blog with information, links and resources.

Reverse Mortgage Fraud - Reverse Mortgage Fraud News and Updates

Reverse Mortgage Education - Learn about Reverse Mortgages

Orlando Reverse Mortgage - Orlando and Florida Reverse Mortgages

Reverse Mortgage Wholesale - How to find out more about Reverse Mortgage Wholesale

My Reverse - Revere Mortgage info and directory.

Reverse Mortgage Calculation - Online reverse mortgage calculator tool.

Reverse Mortgage Cons - Pros and Cons of a Reverse Mortgage.

Reverse Mortgage Scams - Reverse Mortgage scams to avoid.

Reverse Pros - Reverse Mortgage Pros.

Reverse Mortgage Requirements - Reverse Mortgage Requirements

Reverse Mortgage Group - Yahoo! Reverse Mortgage Group, join and stay updated with reverse mortgage news and resources.


RTG's Senior Citizen Articles - We have surfed the web to find a tremendous amount of article for senior citizens. Including financial, travel, bargains, health, insurance and more.

Cancer Resources and Articles - A cancer resource and article site, easy to read articles covering different cancer types.

AARP - Information, advocacy, and benefits for people age 50 and over.

Eldercare Search - The Eldercare Locator connects older Americans and their caregivers with sources of information on senior services.

New Age Home Care - Home Care resources and help.

Senior Service Solutions - Solutions for Seniors.

Elder Law Questions - Questions and answers regarding elder law.

Senior Assisted Living - Senior assisted living resource.

San Francisco Hospice - San Francisco Hospice info.

Long Term Care - Long Term Care Costs

Senior Travel Insurance - Senior Travel Insurance tips and resources.


Premium Finance - Premium Financing for Life Insurance Policies.

Premium Finance Companies - Find Premium Financing

Annuity Purchase Program - Sell your annuity payments for a lump sum.

Texas Life Insurance - Texas Life Insurance Info

Life Insurance - Life Insurance Info

Florida Life Insurance - Term insurance, life insurance, mortgage protection, premium financing, and other life insurance information.

Mystique Properties - Mystique Properties can assist seniors who may not qualify for a reverse mortgage if they are facing a foreclosure, need to sell their property, need inspection help, and many other related real estate services.

Mortgage Fraud Lawyer - Mortgage Fraud and Loan Modification Assistance and Help.

Orlando Financial Planning - Orlando and Florida Financial Planning

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