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Reverse Mortgage Article List

Reverse Mortgage Advisor - Added 3-01-06
Advisor Makes Retirement Affordable via Reverse Mortgages.

Reverse mortgage can pump up retirement pay - Added 2-28-06
A reverse mortgage can greatly benefit your retirement income.

Seniors: Tax plan not much help - Added 2-01-06
Legislation would delay payment of property taxes.

HUD lifts cap on senior-citizen reverse mortgages - Added 2-01-06
Nationwide Reverse Mortgages have cap lifted by HUD.

A perfect case for a reverse mortgage - Added 1-29-06
A question and answer about a perfect case for a reverse mortgage loan.

Reverse Mortgage Foreclosure Info - Added 1-26-06
Reverse mortgages may be a helpful financial tool for Americans 62 and older, although some readers will dispute that.

Seniors consider reverse mortgage - Added 1-24-06
Seniors in Florida consider a reverse mortgage.

The Evolving Reverse Mortgage - Added 12-15-05
Demand for reverse mortgages had been doubling annually, but the pace has slowed in the past year because of a shortage of counselors..

Reverse Mortgage Limits on HUD Lifted by Congress - Added 12-14-05
The U.S. House of Representatives passed legislation last night that eliminates the cap on the number of reverse mortgages.

Warning issued on Australia Reverse Mortgages - Added 11-16-05
Home owners thinking about taking out reverse mortgages have been warned to take note of the fine print...

Sentencing delayed in case of lost home - Added 09-26-05
Good article about ways to protect your home.

These days, home is just a cash cow. - Added 09-23-05
Another Australia reverse mortgage article.

Texans to Vote on Reverse Mortgage Option Available in Rest of U.S. - Added 09-22-05
Texas Reverse Mortgages are working to have the credit line option available.

A reverse mortgage lender is helping families and victims of Hurricane Katrina. - Added 09-13-05
Mariner moves into reverse mortgages.

Reverse Mortgages in Australia. - Added 09-12-05
1st Metropolitan Mortgage Offers Relief to Employees, Families Affected by Katrina.

Reverse Equity Mortgage - Added 08-30-05
Some brief pros and cons of a Reverse Mortgage Loan.

New Zealand Reverse Mortgage Article - Added 08-24-05
Spending "your" inheritance..

Cash On House - Added 08-24-05
Whatever is taken out in a reverse mortgage will not be available later, either for the elderly homeowners or their heirs.

Victorian Reverse Mortgage - Added 08-18-05
Victorians urged to get advice on reverse mortgage schemes.

Reverse Mortgage Lending - Added 08-16-05
Reverse mortgages soar in popularity.

Reverse Mortgage Flexibility - Added 08-09-05
Reverse mortgages give flexibility to homeowners.

Reverse Mortgage Study - Added 08-09-05
Study Says Seniors Benefit From Reverse Mortgage.

Reverse Mortgage Repayment - Added 08-01-05
Reverse Mortgage repayment information.

Reverse Mortgage HECM - Added 07-28-05
Home Equity Conversion Mortgages (HECM).

Reverse Mortgage Book - Added 07-23-05
Every senior citizen home owner must read this new book.

Reverse Mortgage Essentials - Added 07-19-05
Four important things you should do before getting a Reverse Mortgage.

Get ahead with reverse mortgage - Added 07-15-05
Great question about trustworthy reverse mortgage lenders.

Reverse mortgages can be a godsend or a curse to the elderly - Added 07-05-05
Available only to people age 62 or older, reverse mortgages let homeowners turn what is likely their biggest asset, a house, into a cash machine.

Reverse mortgage market tipped to grow - Added 06-29-05
Australia Reverse Mortgages are on the rise.

Reverse Mortgages Can Ease Financial Worries - Added 06-27-05
There's at least one kind of loan where your mother's age will actually help her get more money..

Reverse mortgage may help - Added 06-20-05
For a number of older American homeowners, reverse mortgages may seem too good to be true.

Reverse Mortgage Industry - Added 06-13-05
Prospects for Expansion of the U.S. Reverse Mortgage Industry.

Reverse Mortgage Payoff - Added 06-13-05
Question about a reverse mortgage payoff and what is required of the heirs.

10 Retirement Questions - Added 06-10-05
10 things you should ask yourself about retirement, including reverse mortgage info.

Cashing in on your home - Added 06-06-05
It's no surprise that reverse mortgages are becoming popular among seniors.

Reverse mortgage 'danger signals' - Added 05-31-05
A brief article with a helpful list of reverse mortgage danger signals.

How much can you borrow? - Added 05-26-05
Get an idea of how much you can borrow with a reverse mortgage.

Age a factor in reverse mortgage - Added 05-25-05
A question about age playing a factor with reverse mortgages.

New reverse mortgage type may be approved - Added 05-25-05
Texas reverse mortgage credit line article.

Elders Skeptical of the Reverse Mortgage - Added 05-19-05
Elders are skeptical but do not understand the true benefits.

Texas Reverse Mortgage - Added 05-18-05
New kind of reverse mortgage to be on the November ballot in Texas.

U.S. govt reverse mortgage program cap increased - Added 05-18-05
Reverse Mortgage program increase, more loans available.

New Zealand Reverse Mortgage - Added 05-13-05
Money promised for tighter reverse mortgage standards.

Real estate: Is reverse mortgage right for you? - Added 05-13-05
Article regarding if a reverse mortgage is right for you.

What is a Counseling Certificate? - Added 05-12-05
Learn about reverse mortgage counseling, also known as HUD Counseling.

Retirees use reverse mortgage to pay bills - Added 05-09-05
Reverse mortgages are helping senior nationwide pay for bills.

Reverse mortgage can be a fine pick - Added 05-03-05
Reverse mortgages have a place in many people's financial futures.

Revese Mortgage: Living large on a mortgage of last resort - Added 04-28-05
Americans are gaining lavish benefits from reverse mortgages.

Reverse mortgage ignorance a growing trend - Added 04-24-05
Many seniors unaware of home's long-term-care-financing potential

Israel Reverse Mortgage - Added 04-20-05
Reverse mortgages now offered in Israel

Reverse mortgage applicant 'shocked' by up-front fees - Added 04-18-05
When are loan costs worth the risk?

Reverse mortgage has good, bad points - Added 04-17-05
Despite the steep start-up costs, it generates retirement income for seniors.

Reverse Mortgage Helps Seniors Make Ends Meet - Added 04-11-05
Seniors can now use their home through a reverse mortgage to make ends meet.

Senior Mortgage Seminar - Added 04-08-05
Learn about reverse mortgages and about a reverse mortgage seminar.

FTC Reverse Mortgage Article - Added 04-06-05
Reverse Mortgages - Cashing In On Home Ownership

Texas Reverse Mortgage Rates Added 04-06-05
Low rates, high values make reverse mortgages attractive

House Rich, Cash Poor Reverse Mortgage Info Added 04-04-05
Read about the benefits of reverse mortgages for house rich seniors.

Top Reasons People get Reverse Mortgages Added 03-31-05
Top Reasons People get Reverse Mortgages

Seniors try to get ahead by going in reverse Added 03-29-05
Seniors are now taking advantage of reverse mortgages.

Reverse Mortgage Popularity on rise Added 03-25-05
The number of reverse mortgages has more than quadrupled from the early 1990s.

Repaying a HECM Added 03-22-05
Information regarding repayment of a Home Equity Conversoin Mortgage.

Reverse mortgages can pay care costs Added 03-21-05
An article showing how reverse mortgages can pay for long term care costs.

The Reverse Mortgage as an Instrument for Lifetime Financial Planning: An Analysis of Market Potential Added 03-18-05
A study by Fannie Mae.

Reverse mortgage is an option for retirees Added 03-14-05
Article from the Chillicothe Gazette about Reverse Mortgages.

Reverse Mortgage Loan Limits Added 03-11-05
Geography plays key role in reverse mortgage loan limits

'It doesn't cost us anything' Added 03-07-05
Reverse mortgage is an option for those 62 and over

Older Americans turn to reverse mortgages Added 03-02-05
Imagine getting a check each month instead of writing one

Reverse mortgage best for seniors without income Added 02-28-05
Question and answer regarding a reverse mortgage versus a home equity line.

Rising home value?? Added 02-24-05
A reverse mortgage can make rising home value work for you.

Reverse Mortgage Calulator Added 02-24-05
Use the AARP Reverse Mortgage Calculator.

Caring for elderly parents takes financial planning Added 02-18-05
Article explaining how a reverse mortgage can be a financial planning tool.

Reverse mortgages are gaining momentum Added 02-14-05
The popularity of reverse mortgage is on the rise, reverse mortgages are now offered nationwide.

Limits impact reverse mortgage options Added 02-14-05
Article explaining the reverse mortgage limits for your area, HECM, and HomeKeeper information.

Few seniors in New Mexico are taking advantage of a reverse mortgage Added 02-09-05
Article containing information, benefits, and examples of reverse mortgage usage in the state of New Mexico.

Reverse Mortgages Seen as Way to Keep Parents Safe and Healthy, Study Finds Added 02-07-05
Article about how a reverse mortgage can keep your senior parents safe and healthy.

CHIP Adds More Choice and Flexibility to Reverse Mortgages Added 02-02-05
Canadian seniors now have more choice and flexibility when they choose a reverse mortgage to meet their wealth-building or income-generating needs.

Linking Reverse Mortgages and Long-Term Care Insurance Added 01-31-05
Linking reverse mortgages to the purchase of private long-term care insurance.

Reverse Mortgage to assist Cash Crunch Added 01-31-05
Reverse mortagages just one option for easing cash crunch

Alameda Reverse Mortgage Added 01-28-05
Alameda reverse mortgage loan, lender, contact, and other information.

Reverse Mortgage Fees Added 01-24-05
Fees and costs associated with Reverse Mortgages.

Reverse Mortgages: How they are helping senior homeowners move forward Added 01-21-05
Article from Next Generation Financial Services regarding how reverse mortgages are helping senior homeowners move forward.

NCOA's Use Your Home to Stay at Home article Added 01-17-05
Use Your Home to Stay at Home Program Study Shows That Reverse Mortgages Can Help Many with Long-Term Care Expenses

Reverse Mortgage - Another powerful financial instrument. Added 01-12-05
Information about how a reverse mortgage can be a powerful financial instrument for senior citizen home owners.

Mitsui Trust to offer reverse mortgage loans from March Added 01-12-05
Article discussing how reverse mortgages will be offered in Japan, shows the growht of the reverse mortgage solution.

Consumer Information: Reverse Mortgage Added 01-07-05
Reverse Mortgages explained for consumers.

HUD Sets Higher FHA Home Loan Limits Added 01-07-05
The increases will also benefit senior citizens who qualify for FHA-insured reverse mortgages.

Reverse Mortgages Poised To Become A More Popular Source For LTCi Funding Added 01-06-05
HUD is proposing a regulation to give seniors reverse mortgage discounts for using the funds for long term care.

Senior Selecting Reverse Mortgages Added 01-05-05
Senior citizens are now taking advantages of reverse mortgages. No interest rates and increasing home values.

More Reverse Mortgage Questions answered Added 01-05-05
More questions answered about the reverse mortgage process, how it works, lenders, and loan information.

2004 was the year of home buying Added 01-03-05
Discusses real estate of 2004 and the growth of the Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM). It is HUD and FHA backed reverse mortgage program.

Reverse Mortgage Demystified Added 01-03-05
Article from the organization H.E.L.P. (Helping People Meet Aging-Related Legal and Care Challenges) discussing information and myths about reverse mortgage loans and lenders.

Question about negative views on Reverse Mortgages Added 12-29-04
Small question and answer involving negative and positive views regarding a reverse mortgage.

Older The Better Added 12-22-04
Quick explanation how older senior citizens can receive greater amounts from reverse mortgages.

Texas Reverse Mortgage Creditline Issues Added 12-22-04
Texas, which doesn't allow credit lines on reverse mortgages, is hoping for changes in the near future.

Larger Reverse Mortgage amounts in 2005 Added 12-17-04
Senior citizens will be able to qualify for larger reverse mortgages beginning January 1, 2005 because of new, higher loan limits.

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