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Life Settlement and Viatical Articles

21st Services Announces it has Settled Lawsuit with Coventry First Added 02-21-05
Coventry, a life settlement company powerhouse, settles with 21st Services.

Life Settlement Securities Added 02-20-05
Life Exchange is creating a market for trading these settlements and securities.

Liquidate Life Settlement Added 01-31-05
Liquidate your life insurance policy with a life settlement.

Should retirees keep their life insurance? Added 12-08-05
To keep or not to keep? That is the question many retirees face.

Viatical Principals Pay Added 12-02-05
The Securities and Exchange Commission obtained a $25 million settlement against the principals of viatical- settlement company Mutual Benefits Corp.

Life Settlement Hedge Funds Added 11-30-05
Hedge Funds Buy Life Insurance Policies to Ply New Profit Path.

Wanted: Your Life Insurance Added 10-24-05
Article about selling your life insurance policy.

Life Settlement Securitization Added 09-05-05
Life Settlement Securitization Article from AM Best.

Viatical fraud story leads to Elvis' house Added 08-22-05
A viatical fraud story about Mutual Benefits Corp.

Financial Woes Added 07-26-05
Solving those money issues.

Life Settlement Market Added 07-19-05
Information on the life settlement secondary market.

Viatical Fraud Case Added 07-18-05
Two Kissimmee brothers accused of dealing in viatical fraud.

Life Settlement Info for Financial Advisors Added 06-20-05
Information for financial advisors to offer life settlement options to their clients.

Life Settlement Broker and Provider Info Added 06-13-05
Definition for a life settlement broker and a life settlement provider.

Viatical Association and Life Settlement Leaders testify at NAIC Added 06-05-05
VLSAA President, Executive Director Talk about Insurable Interest

Life Settlement Institute Supports Efforts to Curb Abuses of Insurable Interest Laws Added 06-05-05
Efforts to Protect Primary and Secondary Market for Life Insurance Benefit American Consumers

Life Settlement Industry reply to Mass Mutual Added 06-01-05
Insurance Settlement Industry Founder Refutes Mass Mutual Study

Senior Life Insurance Settlement Added 05-16-05
What is a Senior Life Settlement or a Senior Life Insurance Settlement?

Viaticals are now subject to regulation Added 05-10-05
A federal appeals court on Friday affirmed that insurance investments sold by Mutual Benefits are securities subject to government regulation.

Life Insurance Settlements Overview Added 05-02-05
An overview and benefits of Life Insurance Settlements.

Last-Minute Laws Have Big Impact Added 05-02-05
Article about last minute laws and viatical settlement fraud.

Federal Trade Commission : Viatical Settlements Guide Added 04-28-05
A guide pertaining to viaticals and viatical settlements.

To Offer Regular Life Settlement Rating Reports Added 04-28-05
Brief article about a company in Germany that will offer life settlement ratings.

County reinstates AIDS funding Added 04-25-05
A viatical settlement related article.

Savers fear Equitable Life settlement Added 04-11-05
Equitable life policyholders still going after a larger settlement.

Pennsylvania Life Insurance Policyowners to Benefit Added 04-08-05
Insurance agents in Pennsylvania can now advise and support clients with life settlements.

Coalition Forms to Promote Life Insurance Settlements Added 04-06-05
Consumer education regarding life settlements not just surrendering your policy.

Bills: Viaticals should be regulated as securities Added 04-04-05
Florida is working to pass a bill to regulate viaticals as securities.

Life Settlement Network Added 03-29-05
Definition of a Life Settlement Network

Life Settlement Process Added 03-22-05
Understanding Life Settlements, the Life Settlement Process

Executive Life settlement Added 03-17-05
600-million-dollar Executive Life settlement blocked by French

New Kentucky Life Settlement Law Added 03-11-05
New Law Gives Consumers Access to Secondary Market for Life Insurance Making Life Insurance More Valuable.

Life Settlements: A Secondary Market for Life Insurance Added 03-08-05
Article about life settlement and the secodary market for life insurance.

Viatical and Life Settlement Association of America Added 03-07-05
Article about the Viatical and Life Settlement Association of America (VLSAA).

State Senator Seeks Audit of Exec Life Settlement Added 03-07-05
Million settlement between the state Insurance Department and defendants accused of fraudulently acquiring the assets of now-defunct insurer Executive Life.

Viatical and Life Settlements Consumer Information: Viatical Fraud Added 02-15-05
What is Viatical Fraud?

Senior Life Settlement Common Questions Added 02-08-05
Life Settlement - Senior Settlment - Viatical Settlement - Common Questions

Life Settlements (Viatical Settlements) Added 01-28-05
Article about life settlements (viaticals), including how they work, and warnings.

What is a Viatical Settlement? Added 01-28-05
Viatical settlement, viatical settlement, definition and information from the FreeAdvice website.

What is a Life Settlement? Added 01-28-05
Life settlement, life insurance settlement, advice and definition from the FreeAdvice website.

Life Insurance Settlement Information Added 01-28-05
A cash life insurance settlement is exactly what its name infers, a cash settlement for relinquishing your life insurance policy.

Consumer Alert: Life Settlements and Viaticals Added 01-04-05
Consumer alert and information regarding senior settlements and viaticals. Information about your state insurance department.

Lifesettlements can now fund Long Term Care Added 01-03-05
Learn how the senior life settlement option can provide funding for long term care (LTC).

Consumers tap into Life Settlements Added 12-23-04
Everday consumers are now taking advantage of the benefits of life settlement options.

Life Settlement Added 12-22-04
Life Settlements - Senior Life Settlements Explained.

How to sell your life insurance policy Added 07-24-04
Article discussing how to sell your insurance policy and how viaticals and life settlements began.

Viatical & Life Settlment Investments Addded Spring 2004
Shows how the process of viatical and senior life settlements work, and how investments can be made using these tools.

NAIC Life Settlement and Viatical Publication List
This is a list of life settlement and viatical published publications. We don't have the actual publications, but it can be used for resource and validity information. Brought to you by the NAIC.

Viatical Settlements
A bried article from the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) regarding viatical settlements.

Federal Trade Commission Viatical Info
Older document providing viatical information, resources, and contact information for a free viatical brochure.

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