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Benefits of a Life Settlement

Many seniors are unaware that their existing life insurance policy may possibly be liquidated for 10 - 60% of the current coverage amount now, regardless of the cash value. Also, with a life settlement your payout could be up to 10 times the amount you would receive for a cash surrender! Read below to learn the benefits and advantages of a life insurance settlement.

Some Benefits of a Life Settlement
Create more comfortable retirement years
Eliminate or reduce future life insurance premiums on a new policy
Fund new needed Coverage, Annuities, Long-Term Care or Investments
A more profitable and bigger payout alternative than surrender or lapse
Fund a single premium Annuity/Life
Fund the purchase of a needed survivorship policy
Settle personal or business debts proactively
Bestow cash gifts to family members or charities
Maintain a lifestyle despite changes in finances or health

Determining if you Qualify is Simple
Any senior who is over the age of 65
Life insurance policy must be more than two years old
Coverage amount exceeding $100,000.00

We will gladly assist you in finding the highest bidding institution. We are happy to look at any policy and provide you with information as to its value. Generally, seniors over 65 with a history of poor health and older seniors are able to participate. There is no fee or obligation to accept the Life Settlement offer. Please fill out our free life settlement quote form, and we will contact you shortly. We also can be reached immediately with any questions at 407.774.0112.

Almost any type of life insurance!
universal life
whole life

owned by...
an individual
charitable organization

The benefits for this product are overwhelming. Not only can you get an immediate lump sum payout, you will also have option for more asset relocation, including new coverage, long-term care, and other investments. RTG Consultants will help you throughout the entire process, we are here for you.

Fill out our free life settlement quote form, so we can discuss how a life settlement will work for you.

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