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Offer Life Settlement to YOUR Clients

Agents/Brokers, Estate Planners, Attorneys, Financial Planners/Registered Reps, CPA's, Seniors & Policy Holders, and Charities can now offer your clients life settlements.

What are the advantages of Life Settlements for Agents?
Help your clients recover premiums from their initial investment into the policy
Demonstrate value to your clients by introducing a funding tool to purchase other financial options, such as Long Term Care, Annuities, and a more beneficial Life Insurance policy
Sustain your Fiduciary Responsibility of informing your client of a regulated viable financial option
The agent retains any residuals from the original policy
We will assist you with all the needed materials, tools, and information to provide to your clients
We expose your client's policy to numerous funders, assuring the highest possible offer

Are you a life insurance agent or broker looking for assistance with viaticals or life settlements? Want to receive the highest commissions while getting the best product for your client? Want to find out about additional sales you can make after the life settlement?

We can help! Not only can we connect you to one of the most reputable life settlements providers, we can ensure that your client's settlement is shopped to multiple funders to ensure the largest payout for them.

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