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Life Insurance Settlements, also known as senior settlements, allow a life insurance policy owner to sell an existing policy to a financial institution in exchange for an immediate lump sum cash settlement. The amount paid for the policy is a discounted percentage of the policy's net death benefit and represents the present day value of the policy. This purchase price is determined by considering the insured's estimated mortality (life expectancy) and the associated cost of premiums to keep the policy in force for that timeframe. With a Life Settlement you turn an otherwise untouchable asset into something liquid, something immediately useful.

There are 2 types of life insurance settlement transactions:

Life Settlement

1. Life Settlements (Senior Settlements) create immediate liquidity from a non-performing asset, allowing policy owners to cash out of unwanted, unaffordable or obsolete life insurance policies insuring a senior over age 65.

Viatical Settlement

2. Viatical Settlements enable someone facing a terminal illness to utilize the present day value of their life insurance policy to ease the financial burdens that can be caused by the high costs of medical care.

Senior life policy owners an receive up to ten times the amount of your cash surrender value. By liquidating a policy for amounts higher than the cash surrender value, policy owners can initiate important financial opportunities with a cash infusion from the proceeds of an unwanted, unaffordable or unnecessary life insurance policy. Changes in your lives and circumstances can reduce or eliminate the need for an existing life policy! What was once a sound and essential asset can often evolve into an unneeded, overbearing expense.

With your new found cash, you can invest in annuities, enhance your estate planning, provide for long term care needs or use the money to better enjoy and live the life you've earned.

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