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Life Settlement Companies either purchase secondary market (life insurance policies over two years old) through life settlement brokers, or companies (Brokers) that specialize in negotiating these policies for the highest offer on behalf of the policy owner. RTG Consultants, LLC is a Viatical and Senior Life Settlement Broker.

Life Settlement brokers are paid a commission for their services. Much like real estate brokers, bond brokers, and stock brokers. The difference being that life settlement brokers are paid by the funder (provider) and charged with the responsibility of processing the transaction in a more complex way. While a real estate broker or stock broker will "show in" the item they want to sell in a market that is fairly efficient and easy to determine, a life settlement will prepare the item (insurance file) for sale promoting it's value that varies greatly between the many funders.

If you have one or more life insurance policies you are interested in selling your, or if you're are a life insurance agent, accountant, financial planner, or estate planning attorney with clients that can benefit from this important financial option, give us a call and discuss the opportunities available both you and your clients.

Let RTG Consultants become your life settlement broker today. We are here to provide our support, expertise, and knowledge. We strive to broker you the highest amount for your policy while maintaing a high level of customer support.

Remember, every life settlement broker is not equal! Contact RTG Consultants today.

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