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Life Insurance Settlements

What is a Life Insurance Settlement
A cash life insurance settlement is exactly what its name infers, a cash settlement for relinquishing your life insurance policy.

Cash for a Life Insurance Settlement
Many seniors are unaware that their existing life insurance policy may possibly be liquidated for 10 - 60% of the current coverage amount now, regardless of the cash value. Also, with a life insurance settlement your payout could be up to 6 times the amount you would receive for a cash surrender!

Life Insurance Settlement Marketplace
The marketplace in which life insurance settlements occur is driven, in large part, by the same forces driving all financial services businesses, namely demographics.

In general, the aging of the US population and the gradual shift from asset accumulation, to asset management, and eventually to asset consumption has resulted in an increasing interest in alternatives to more traditional planning processes.

This in turn has sparked a growing interest in life insurance settlements as a means of extracting additional value from an asset normally thought of as being "dormant".

Life insurance settlements are an underutilized financial planning tool.
Life insurance industry statistics indicate $1.5 Trillion in life insurance lapses or is surrendered annually.
$150 Billion in face amount is eligible for life insurance settlement.
Currently, $2 Billion annually is sold through the life insurance settlement process.

The annual life insurance settlement marketplace is estimated to grow 5 to 8- fold in the next five years.

Life Insurance Settlement Provider
RTG Consultants is a life settlement company specializing in life insurance settlement and redemption, senior financial settlements, as well as viatical settlements.

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