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Become a Dental Plan Broker Today

RTG Consultants and DPBrokers.com provides a turn-key sales solution for brokers/agents to educate and enroll Individuals, Families, and Groups in affordable discount dental plans. With our unique search tools both you and your client will have the ability to compare over 25 national and regional discount dental plans, including fee schedules, participating dental availability and pricing all in one convenient website.

Benefits of Becoming a DPBrokers.com Affliate:

  • 30% commission in first year sales
  • 10% commission on annual rewards
  • Your own FREE personalized DPBrokers.com website
  • Cutting edge online client management tool
  • Easy online enrollment
  • Real-time sales & commission tracking
  • In-depth training and marketing support
Together with RTG Consultants and DPBrokers, you can offer your valued clientele a money-saving alternative to dental insurance with a hefty compensation structure.

Getting Started with DPBrokers.com:

Registering as a BrokerAffiliate is Fast, FREE and Easy!

Step 1: Type the following URL into your web browser, or click the link: http://www.DPBrokers.com

Step 2: At the top left of the page, click on the "JOIN" button

Step 3: Read the BrokerAffliate Agreement and enter the Referral Code listed below into the blank field on the website located just below the agreement. Then click on the button "Continue Registration."

      REFERRAL CODE: 9806rs

Step 4: Complete the form and click on "Continue Registration"

After registering, your username and password will be emailed to you. You can get started right away!

If you have any further questions, please contact us or your district sales manager.

Insurance agents nationwide can now have the option to offer their clients an alternative to high cost dental insurance. You don't have to change your career or current employment status; this is just another product that can be beneficial to both your and your clients.

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