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Earn more Life Settlement Commissions

As the Life Settlement Industry continues to gain mainstream acceptance, more and more financial professionals are adding Life Settlements to their list of financial product offerings. These advisors educate their clients about the benefits of Life Settlements and in turn many more policy owners are able to realize the immediate financial benefits and options created by this transaction.

If you, your firm, or your broker-dealer have not yet offered Life Settlements to your existing or potential clients, now is the time to educate yourself on one of the fastest growing products in the financial planning industry. Even if you are currently working with one or two Life Settlement Funders, it is not too late to learn how COMPETITION will increase your clients offers. Remember, brokers work for your clients - funders work for their clients (the investors).

We provide our agents with all the information and marketing materials to make life insurance settlements an effective tool in their product portfolio.

By providing your clients with a life insurance settlement from RTG, you can benefit with commissions from a number of channels.

We will work with:
Life Insurance Agents
Estate Planners
Financial Advisors
Investment Advisors
Wealth Management Advisors
Charities and Churches
Senior Centers and Assited Living Communities
Any and All Financial Professionals!

Benefits and commisions from working with RTG Consultants:
Commission from the completed life settlement transaction.
Continued commission on the policy premiums for the writing agent.
Commission from the new policy you write your client, after they sell.
Commission generated from investment products purchased with the client's settlement proceeds.
Commission on a conversion, if the policy was term coverage
Over-ride commissions by recruiting down-line producers in the life settlement market.
Generate more business by being able to offer a life settlement through RTG.

The advantages are endless and there is little work required. Working with RTG Consultants will not add on to your workload. We will keep your client up to date during the entire process and you will earn handsome commissions for any successful settlement.

We also offer full support to our agents, and can assist with questions, marketing, educational support, material, and other tools and resources. We are always a phone call away for our agents!

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