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RTG Consultants LLC offers superior service and quality in the area of senior financial services, focusing on providing reverse mortgages and life settlements. Our staff is committed to excellence. Our first obligation is to the education of our clients and future customers, and our agents are expertly trained to facilitate the reverse mortgage process and a life settlement with the utmost efficiency and professionalism.

As a family owned and run company, RTG Consultants' main focus is on service and information. Our business cannot exist without customer satisfaction and that is our principal consideration. We want to make sure that you are informed and pleased with your decision. The financial services that we offer are extremely advantageous products for many senior citizens and RTG Consultants hopes that we can also help you maximize your assets to increase your income!

Please don't hesitate to contact us anytime with any questions. Assistance is only a free phone call away 1-888-937-8377. Thanks

RTG Consultants is a national firm, offering both life settlements and reverse mortgages nationwide.

Roy Shellhammer
Roy Shellhammer

Roy has been active in the Financial Services industry for over 30 years. He is responsible for providing education and guidance to retirees on how to make wise decisions about their financial futures. He has developed a strategy to maximize your assets to increase your income through "Good Debt" management vehicles such as Reverse Mortgages and Life Settlements. He customizes each plan to fit the individual's needs. A proven professional with expertise in financial solutions, and a member of the Pennsylvania Sports Hall of Fame, Mr. Shellhammer has been a featured speaker at many events.

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